The welfare of the dogs entrusted to us is the focus of our activities. That is why morality, ethics, and mutual respect characterize our actions. 

We are committed to ensuring that our customers – people and dogs – are always satisfied with our work. We achieve this through reliability, continuous training, and a high standard of quality.


We see ourselves as a contact for dog owners, but also for government agencies and the public, whom we are happy to help with expertise in all matters and questions concerning “the dog.”


We maintain open, fair, and honest communication with our customers.


Anyone who has ever been to our boarding house knows how big the garden is, how wonderful it is to have a dog there, and how cozy the dog rooms on the premises are.

We offer optimal day, holiday, and weekend care for your dog. All dogs are allowed to move freely inside our premises and garden (approx. 30,000). We have no kennels and no crates to put dogs away!


If your dog gets along with others and is not a hunter or bolter, he/she will enjoy the complete family treatment with us. The dogs sleep inside. There are two rooms designated only for four-legged friends which are equipped with a couch and baskets.

Dog owners are also welcome at any time! We always have a coffee and a cookie ready for our dear guests, and we are happy to show you everything in and around the house.


We think it is very important for your dog to be engaged in meaningful activities throughout the day, be it with games, sport, walks, or cuddles. On request, we can also train your dog!


At no time do we leave the dogs unattended or even alone. There’s always one of us here looking after your dog.


We make constant efforts to undergo training and to provide you and your darling an extensive offering.

When your dog comes to us for boarding, he/she doesn't have to give up his/her usual food. We welcome it when you give your darling his/her own food. It’s good for your dog! After all, it takes up to six weeks for the dog to get used to a new or different food. That’s why we feed your dog his/her own food for his/her well-being, even if it means extra work for us.


If you like, you may call us at any time and ask how your darling is doing. On request, we also send photos or short videos, so that you always know what your darling is up to!


We work seven days a week, on average up to 17 hours a day, and also at night we are always “on call” in case things get a little rowdy on site.

We also try to be flexible at all times when it comes to arrival and departure times. However, we would like your dog to be delivered during a boarding stay during the morning so that he/she can really let off steam and have the opportunity to get to know all the dog buddies before dinner is served and the pajamas are distributed.


This is our dog care philosophy and many customers appreciate exactly that and we look forward to all other customers who have exactly the same ideas as us! Anyone who does not attach the same “importance” to such care, is definitely at the wrong address with us.

Our desire is to have completely content dogs and owners and also hope to be able to continue offering this!

Therefore, we would like to thank all of you who appreciate this and will continue to take care of your darling!