Dog Care


Day, Holiday, Weekend and Hourly Care for Your Darling


All dogs are allowed to move freely inside our premises as well as in the 21,527 square foot fenced-in garden. We have no kennels or crates! If your dog gets along with others and is not a hunter or bolter, he/she will enjoy a social family connection with us! We keep the dogs engaged with meaningful activities. We play with them and, if your dog wants, we go on walks. The dogs sleep inside. There are several heated and air-conditioned rooms equipped with a couch and baskets. Of course, each individual guest gets his/her well-deserved rest periods with us.


You may give us your dog’s favorite food to be used during the entire stay. It's good for your darling! Unfortunately, many dog owners do not know that dogs can take several weeks to perfectly adjust to a new food. That’s why we like to feed all dogs the same way they are fed at home. We are very happy to make the extra effort for the good of the animal.


 Pick-up Service:

With our dog shuttle service, you can have your dog picked up at your home and returned later.



  • The dogs can move freely inside the premises and in the 21,527 square foot garden (all fenced in)
  • No kennels or crates! 
  • Family connection combined with playtime and occasional walks
  • Food for boarding dogs should be brought along